On January 5, 2004, MK Dr. Yuri Shtern established the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus (KCAC), comprised of 14 members of Knesset. Its goal: to build a direct line of communication, cooperation and coordination between the Knesset and the international Christian community, including leaders of churches and Christian organizations as well as key political representatives.

Dr. Shtern brought to the caucus his formative experience working with Christian groups and leaders to help bring about the exodus of the Jews from the former Soviet Union. He’d been inspired by the devotion of international Christian to the plight of the Soviet Jews, and their efforts to help the many whose applications for permits to leave the Soviet Union in order to emigrate to immigrate to Israel had been refused. In the wake of this wonderful cooperative endeavor, Yuri dedicated his life to strengthening ties between Jews and Christians.

Since its founding, the caucus has been active in assisting the local Christian community in Israel while strengthening Christian tourism to the country. The caucus has since built up ties with African American Christians, and it has promoted the status of women worldwide, based on the shared Judeo-Christian values of the two faiths.

MK Dr. Yuri Shtern succeeded in establishing a political entity that continues to dedicate itself to bridging the gaps between two international communities. Through his activism, commitment and dedication, Yuri achieved the dream he had long envisioned. Through the KCAC’s ongoing achievements, the name of MK Dr. Yuri Shtern name lives on as a source of continued inspiration.